Facility Scheduling Procedures

Subject: Yearly Facility Scheduling
Effective Date: May 1, 2019
Date Last Reviewed: July 17, 2019

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St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish will manage yearly scheduling rooms and spaces for employees, entities, as well as, internal and external groups.


Applies To

This policy applies to all employees, internal ministry leaders and outside groups using our facilities, including independent contractors.




Yearly Scheduling

St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish will manage the yearly room and building reservations for July 1st – June 30th each fiscal year in the following way. We will require all staff members to submit their scheduling needs for the next fiscal year, by the end of April each year. The ministries of the parish will submit their requests by the end of May, with outside groups submitting their requests following June 1st.




Exceptions (see list below)

Scheduled When Known

Parish Staff Requests

In by April 30th each year

Parish Ministries

In by May 31st each year

Outside Groups

Accepted after June 1st

Non St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish affiliated groups (such as community organizations) will be required to obtain insurance coverage for events. Catholic Mutual will determine the cost for coverage. The Parish Administrator will assist in obtaining this coverage, which must be paid before the facility can be reserved.

All Ministry Leads and leaders of activities must have a current S.E.T. status before requesting a facility reservation and all S.E.T. policies must be adhered too. Children are not allowed to be alone without adult supervision.


You should direct questions regarding this policy to your direct supervisor or the Director of Parish Administration or by emailing requests@facilities.stanneaz.org.


Must be approved by the Pastor or Director of Parish Administration and documented in writing by emailing it to requests@facilities.stanneaz.org.

Exceptions to the Above Guidance

·       All exceptions must be submitted by a Director or Clergy

·       Major Parish Events (i.e. Parish Picnic, ST.A.A.G.E. Productions, Parish Missions and other major events to be determined by staff)

·       Liturgical Events will be scheduled as soon as they are known, as they take priority over other parish events.

·       Pastoral Office Closing: no group or ministry may utilize the parish facilities on days the Parish Administration and Faith Formation offices are closed. The Parish offices are closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Holy Thursday (at noon), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Thursday, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve Observance (at noon), and Christmas Day Observance. Plus, the week following Easter and the some days following Christmas to be determined by the Pastor.

·       Weddings will be allowed to schedule 1 – 1 1/2 years in advance within the normal guidelines for weddings. Being aware that Major Parish Events may preclude their requests.

·       Care will be taken to avoid conflicts, however, major parish and diocesan events will always have priority over regularly scheduled meetings and events. If a conflict arises during the year, the Facility Scheduler will communicate immediately with ministry leaders and contacts to work out alternatives when possible.

Cancellations / No Use

If your group needs to cancel a scheduled facility, please make every effort to do so as soon as possible since there are many ministries and activities, which would love to use the space. A “no-show” will count against a ministry for future use of space.

Financial Responsibility

All official St. Anne Ministries will be given proper space to hold ministry activities to the best of our abilities. Outside organizations and other organizations may have to pay a fee or make a financial donation to offset the expenses and to help provide A/C, technology, janitorial supplies and labor to care for our facilities. The leader who has made the reservation is responsible for any damage to the facilities/property of St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish. Please consider making a donation once your reservation request has been granted.
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